Reinvent Your Smile with speed braces

speed braces

Braces are used to straighten the misaligned and crooked teeth.  It helps in maintaining the function of teeth and improves oral health. Braces consist of three important components. They consist of metallic or ceramic brackets, elastics and metal wires. Brackets are the guidance for movement of teeth. These brackets are made up of ceramic modules attached to teeth. Moreover they are linked to each other through the metal arch wire. The wire exerts pressure on teeth and helps it in slowly getting into the right position. Elastics made up of rubber like material connects wire and brackets. The elasticity helps in proper movement of teeth. This is the simple procedure in which the braces work and aligns the teeth into desired position.

The regular braces take more time to recover the teeth. People who want to get their treatment don in lesser time will be not happy with traditional braces. But you do not need to worry about the time of your treatment. Speed braces have come for your rescue. They work faster than traditional braces and in a better way. The innovative technology is used to make these braces. These are comfortable and tie-less. They are self ligating and attached to the wire without any elastic. Also the teeth can move comfortably with fewer fractions. Due to this reason these are known as Speed Braces.

Experts have said that not using ties reduces the friction on teeth. And Instead of using permanent wires, a movable component helps in holding the brackets and wire. So the force to move teeth applied less. In a result teeth are harmed less by the brackets and braces. Dentists have claimed that getting the smile in short span is not a big deal. But getting the teeth aligned in a good manner is all we need.  Speed brackets are of two types- 1. Clear Aligners cost in India

Passive- These brackets have small arch wire and used at the beginning of treatment.

Active- These have thicker arch wire and compel high pressure on teeth for better results.

Speed Braces vs. Traditional Braces

A healthy smile is all we need in our life. Braces helps in getting the heart winning smile by correcting the misalignment of teeth. But the treatment comes in many ways. Braces are used widely for this purpose. And we have various kinds of braces and aligners to correct the orthodontic problems. Here we will discuss about the Speed and Traditional Braces. The difference in these two braces is necessary to know before you start your treatment.

The brackets are made from same material in both braces. The ceramic material used for this purpose. But the size of brackets is 1/3rd of the traditional braces brackets. It reduces the area of contacts with teeth and wire. In a result, the possibility of plaque reduces in the mouth. The small size also helps in maintaining the oral hygiene of a person. Additionally, the small size decreases the impingement of facial tissues like cheeks and lips. The speed braces are more comfortable than traditional ones. They are designed perfectly for the better treatment.


The spring clip technology used in Speed braces reduces the pressure on teeth and helps in friction free movement of teeth. Metal braces uses permanent parchment which creates a lot of friction while moving teeth. They require less adjustment in comparison with Traditional braces. This results in fewer visits to dentist. In this way it will save your time and money. Traditional braces require to adjust after 3-4 week as they start losing force on teeth at this stage. But the speed braces made for long term pressure on teeth.

Shorter Treatment

The appearance matters a person during treatment. The braces on teeth diminish the confidence. But Speed braces with small sized brackets are less visible to others. The ceramic material looks similar to teeth. Also people have claimed that they have got the results in short span up to 6 months. It is lesser time than traditional braces which takes almost 3 years for completing the treatment. However time period of the treatment depends on the complexity of your case.


Braces were introduced to correct imperfection of teeth. But the longer time period create anxiety in people. With the arrival of Speed braces, people have started their treatment. And they are happy with the results. A healthy smile is everyone’s wish. Speed braces are working hard in providing the better experience to the patients. Comfortable and speedy effect of these braces is having positive impact. Patients can now talk and chew freely with the braces. Well, Speed braces not designed for everyone. If the severity of your case is high then it is possible that you will need traditional braces. Contact your dentist now and ask them about Speed braces.

Consultation with best orthodontist will help you in deciding whether to select conventional or Self Legating braces . 4. Invisible Braces cost in delhi

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