Types of pain and Tips to reduce pain

reduce pain

There are various pain a people have to go through all the time. A person may face many issues and many types of pain with such as acute , chronic , breakthrough , bone, soft tissue, nerve pain, referred , phantom, total pain. Medicine such as Tramadol hcl 50mg is one of the medication which reduces pain and gives strength to relieve the pain.  

Acute pain- 

A sudden ache which occurs or feels sharp. This pain can be caused by many different things such as different operations, broken bones, infections. Most of the acute ache fades away when the wound or pain has been healed and treated properly. If the acute pain is not cured it turns into chronic pain. 

Chronic pain-

This type of pain may last for a longer period of time. This spasm is caused by diseases like cancer also this pain can be caused due to cancer treatments as well. 

Break through pain-

This is a kind of sudden ache, this pain occurs when chronic pain is controlled with painkillers. Break through ache is very common but can be managed by short term painkillers. 

Bone pain-

Bone ache is basically a type of pain which caused by bone fracture or certain disease like bone cancer which spread throughout the bones in the body this type of ache don’t go away. 

Soft tissue pain-

This type of pain can occur in muscles or tissues which are damaged while any accident or caused by certain object or inflamed by fire. Eg. Liver pain, abdominal pain. It is also known as visceral pain. 

Nerve pain- 

Nerve pain is known as neuropathic pain. It is caused by nerve damage. There is a possibility that it can occur while treating the cancer patients or after the treatment is over. This type of ache can be described as tingling, shooting, burning or stabbing. There are medication available for such pain.

Referred pain-

A pain from internal organ which can be felt to a different part of body is known as referred spasm. Example if the liver of a person is enlarged due to some reason it may cause ache on right shoulder. The brain signals confuses certain pain and thinks it’s coming from different part of the body. 

Phantom pain-

This type of pain occurs when a part of the body is amputated this type of ache may include burning sensation, cramp, stabbing etc. this type of pain may give different sensations at once. It requires special medication for amputees. 

Total pain- 

This type of pain may occur in various parts of body all together. This pain affects in many ways like emotions, socially, spiritually, behavioral issues etc. 

To reduce certain aches there are various medication as well as natural remedies to reduce the pain. Various massage therapy are also used to remove the sensation also there are various medication are available like tramadol for pain can be used which is effective when it comes to any aches. Furthermore, there are various exercise which can help a patient to relieve such aches. Various therapies are available across the globe to reduce such major issues. 

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