What you must do and what you must not do as an escort


As an escort you need to take into account some important things when meeting your clients. You don’t only need to be a professional but a friendly person as well, and therefore create an excellent impression so that the client wants to return to you. Below you will find a very useful list with what you must do and what you must not do as an escort. Check it out so that you can have a great time with all your clients.

Be polite and friendly

This is something that you must always do so that your clients can feel super comfortable around you. You cannot completely satisfy a man if you don’t make him feel in his element. Therefore, what you can do in order to obtain this is to be very communicative, friendly, and also make a few jokes. Even though you should be friendly you must not forget to be polite as well as cordial, and we guarantee you that you will make feel good even the most demanding client.

Leave if the client is not respectful

Just because you offer sex in exchange for money this doesn’t mean that you must accept being treated with disrespect. In case a customer is being disrespectful with you, then you must definitely leave. Don’t accept this, no matter how much money he is willing to pay. Usually, escorts who work for agencies are not allowed to date aggressive or disrespectful customers, but those who work independently are making their own choices regarding what clients to meet and what clients not to meet. On uEscort you will find amazingly gorgeous ladies, with lots of experience and very professional.

Always wear attractive clothes

Attractive clothes are definitely a must for an escort. However, make sure you don’t wear a too sexy outfit. Keep your intimate parts covered so that the client can discover himself in the hotel room. Also, don’t forget to wear shoes with high heels, as they are extremely attractive and feminine to any man. Do escorts care what you look like? Well, the answer is definitely yes. You as a client must also wear nice and clean clothes.

Fulfill all his fantasies

Most men visit escorts so that they can fulfill their sexual fantasies. Make sure you do your best in order to make all your clients feel super satisfied. However, you should not stretch your limits beyond what you actually feel comfortable with. Do whatever you want and whatever is possible, but within your own safety as well as hygiene limits. There are London escorts who squirt on their customers, and so on. If your client asks you to do anything like that and you are not comfortable with, then do not do it.

Never discuss your personal life with clients

This is a very important aspect that as an escort you must seriously take into account. Your personal life is your personal life and the client must not know anything about it. N o matter how good your customer seems to be, you should never tell him personal details about yourself.

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