WHO Resumes HCQ Trial to Find COVID-19 Cure

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Coronavirus has infected more than 7 million people in the world and about 3.5 million have been recovered from the virus. More than 400,000 have been died due to coronavirus worldwide. Until now scientists are discovering an effective treatment to cure the patients of coronavirus. 

WHO stance on restart of solidarity Trials

World Health Organization has reiterated the restarting of trials for testing Hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19. On June 3 Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared that committee has given recommendations for resuming the HCQ trials as data on mortality has assured no evidences for rejecting the trials. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO) is thinking to restart its solidary trails for testing HCQ as a cure for novel COVID-19 after taking solid resolutions of committee members. This solitary trail of WHO is a global effort to find a proper treatment for COVId-19. WHO had earlier postponed its solidarity trails of checking HCQ after the research on HCQ was publicized by the Lancet that arose several questions on the efficacy of HCQ on many affected patients of COVID-19. 

The study has concluded that the scientists are unable to find out the probable advantages of using HCQ or CQ (anti-malarial drug) to cure patients of Coronavirus reported nursing assignment help UK. By twitter account, the director-General of WHO has reaffirmed WHO stance on testing the HCQ for treatment of Coronavirus and there will be no modifications in the trail which they have started for the welfare of whole humanity. 

The COVID-19 Solidarity Trail Data Safety and Monitoring Committee has suggested the presence of current data that there is no need for changes in the solidarity trail. The committee has enforced the continual of trial for confirming the benefits of HCQ if it is used for treatment of Coronavirus. 

As the committee has voted in favour of continual of solidarity trials and execute group has endorsed all trails should be done with all planned procedure and there shall be no alterations in pathways. The Execute Group is said to talk with the principal researchers who are researching HCQ. The chief researcher at WHO, Soumya Swaminathan, has addressed that Solidarity board has checked all the morality data, and they found no concerns in HCQ and Standard treatment. Thus, WHO has panned for resumption of HCQ trials? 

Indian reaction on the postponing of HCQ for Trails:

WHO after getting the Lancet study, temporarily postponed the use of HCQ. But India had retained its stance on the use of HCQ for Coronavirus and has narrated the reasons as they had enough data and research to improve its efficacy for treating Coronavirus. India made clear objections on the study to suspend the HCQ trails and continued its trails for using HCQ with antibiotic Azithromycin for treating the patients of Coronavirus. 

Suspicions on the Lancet Study: 

Lancet has criticized the use of HCQ by providing a study called an expression of concern. It has utilized that data that was taken from hospitals as data was reserved with the help of Chicago Company named as Surgisphere. The study also has supporter DR. Sapan Desai form the company who is also co-founder of the company. The expression of concern study has described clearly that researchers had been unsuccessful to search any advantages of using HCQ for curing coronavirus. The study focused on reduced in-hospital survival and enhanced frequency of ventricular arrhythmias when HCQ was being tested for COVID-19 treatment. 

The study made correct criticism on the security of procedures, the authenticity of data and its secrecy. The questions were raised on the original number of cases present in Australia when the numbers of cases were different from the study time. Surgisphere had replied by reallocating the hospital to Asia.

Lancet’s reaction upon censure of its study:

The company responded by saying that the company had already made it clear that results provided by us should not be assessed for persons who were yet to develop the disease or were about to get admitted in the hospital due to virus. Our data was for only patients that were present at that time in the hospital. The Lancet has also described in its response stated that the results or data was presented in the study by Sapan Desai, Mandeep Mehra ( a cardiologist) and Zurich cardiologist Frank Ruschitzka. 

The company had also informed that a liberated inspection had been appointed. Not only the Lancet has criticized the data and efficacy of HCQ while being tested for Coronavirus but the New England Journal of Medicine was also there to made equal concerns over HCQ arm trails. Moreover, the second journal has issued a study on the effects of some cardiovascular drugs on corona patients. Sapan Desai and Mehra were also partner of the research. 

Several questions against the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine

HCQ is an anti-malarial drug was introduced to treat patients suffering due to malaria. It was an early candidate as a drug that could cure Covid-19. However, the study proposed by Lancet has threatened by telling the negative impacts of HCQ on corona patients. It could increase the mortality rates in corona affected people. The New England Journal of Medicine issued a study as it has mentioned that people who are taking the cardiovascular Medicine as ACE inhibitors are less likely to suffer from a complications from Coronavirus. The two studies were supported by Chicago based company, and its co-founder and many other companies have raised questions on the data provided by both companies. They have proposed that Chicago based company could manipulate the results or data of patients could not be accurate. The other thing is that company has only a few members associated with science as it raised further suspicions on the accuracy of data. 

The results of Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine were not approved. They lacked substantial evidence hence the World health organization has planned to resume its solidarity trails so that HCQ could be adequately tested for its consequences on corona patients as it is a strong contender for treating the coronavirus patients.

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