Benefits of exercise

You already know, exercise is right for you. But you are like other people, you know it’s good for health, and you ignore it.

Do you know swimming, running, jogging, walking and dancing are also include physical exercise? Exercise gives you mentally and physically satisfaction.

Lots of people go to gym to improve their health, they build muscle, six-pack to control their health. Exercise is not only for weight loss, But It’s also more than weight loss.

Here are the top 5 amazing Benefits of exercise:

It may help you to lose weight:

The study suggests us exercise help you to lose weight. Many people do only diet to burn fat. When you do exercises and diet both it will show you a fast result.

When you do any physical engagement, you are burning the fat. The more you do the physical movement, the more you burn the calories.

We are busy with our daily task. We have to go to the office, maintain our family, friends, so we don’t have enough time to do exercise. If you think, genuinely you can do regular exercise without going to gym!! You can take stair instead of the elevator. You can dance to your favorite song!! It’s also great exercise.

It can make you happier and reduce your stress:

Busy day at the office?? Do you want to feel relax? You can go to the gym and do exercise. It will give you mentally and physically refreshment. One of the most essential parts of practice exercise is it gives mental relief.

Study shows us, if a person does exercise regularly, it helps to improve the moods and decrease depression, anxiety. It also helps to increase brain sensitivity and norepinephrine. It gives you mentally relaxation, and you feel good.

It Boosts your Energy Level and Brain Power:

There has a quote ” Health is Wealth “. A healthy person has more brain power and energy than an unhealthy person. A sick person is suffering from many diseases. A study shows us when a person does six weeks of exercise, it helps to reduce fatigue.

Regular exercise reduces chronic fatigue syndrome and other serious illness. Exercise makes you stronger from inside and outside.

One study found that exercise boost energy levels of HIV person!!! If you want to live healthy and strong exercise is compulsory for you.

Exercise is excellent for the brain!! It makes your mind sharper. Scientists don’t know the reason why exercise change brain function. They find out it improves the blood circulation of the brain.

Another thing, you have to eat healthy foods if you do exercise. Such as fruits and vegetables, green smoothies. Green smoothies have lots of health benefits. If you are interested to know about green smoothies, please visit

Keeps you young:

Everybody wants to live young. I wish i could make my age slower!! One study suggests us exercise to slow down the ageing cells!! When you do exercise, you will eat healthy foods and healthy foods also slow down age.

Exercise Improves health conditions and diseases:

Are you worried about Diabetes? Do you have high pressure? There has a simple solution to get rid of the disease. It’s exercise. If you do regular exercise, you will get rid of from these diseases:


Metabolic syndrome

High blood pressure

Type 2 diabetes



Many types of cancer



It improves your health conditions and reduces diseases.

Exercise gives both benefits from inside and outside. Who doesn’t want to live a happy life? Exercise make your life comfortable and easier. I don’t know why people are ignoring exercise!! Make it a part of your daily life.

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