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If you see the word escort and at that instant, the word flashing your mind is “Prostitute,” you may have succumbed to one of the numerous public thinking and notions about escorts and their profession. There are such a large number of different misconceptions about escort girls and the men that utilize their services, so, today we’re just going to concentrate on the top nine. By illustrating these different misconceptions we will attempt to unravel the public thinking about escorts and escort services. And, illuminate you about what people think about escorts is far from reality.
In other words, in this write-up, we will try to present the true picture of escorts London, their profession and the services that they provide.

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Escorts are whores

This is the greatest myth about escorts in London that is deeply ingrained in public thinking! Well, people in general believe or are made to believe that an escort is a whore who offers sex for money. Actually, an escort is a human being who provides a whole experience and charges a fee! Among the various services that an escort offers is – she escorts a man to different kinds of events, and provides him company. Although, sex is a part of the services, many of the high-class escort girls don’t even take it to the bedroom. Means, sex is not the only service that escorts provide, rather she offers a range of services.

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Being an escort is shaming to women

This thinking about escorts London is directly related with the old, misogynist conviction that a woman expressing herself sexually is simply awful. For a long time in the past and even today, people thought a woman indulging in sexual activity with any person ,who wasn’t her husband wasn’t right. That being said, an escort girl must be disgusting, doing these things for money? Truth be told, this thinking is primitive. For one thing, as I referenced earlier, not every escort even has intercourse. Then again, even if they have sex, there is nothing shaming about it. Want to know what is shaming? Ridiculing a woman or saying bad things about her because of her personal life choices.

Escorts are prone to STD’s and related infections

Allow me to ask a question. If your job required being STD free and contracting one would lead to termination of your employment, would you take any risks? Odds are, you answered no. Same is the case with escorts as well. All of them rely on being STD free. Most escorts one would meet could never consent to have intercourse, without a condom. After a broad screening procedure to even find a customer, they would require a condom. Regardless of how hard the person may push to go without, just about all escorts in London will tell him to take his business elsewhere.

Men who hire escorts are lonely creeps

This one is absolutely false, and somewhat mean. The fact is, many men who use the services of escort girls are of a mature age, probably married, and discontent with their current love/sex life. A great deal of times more older men think that its hard to find ladies their age wanting to have sex. They use escort services since they can usually find a young, gorgeous, intelligent girl to relate to. Escorts, especially with their repetitive customers, can end up making associations with these men.

Escorts are worthless women

This thinking has no substance. We all know that today higher education costs are high and on the rise. Many men can’t fathom that a high percentage of escorts are full-time undergrads. They can make much more money to pay for their education by being an escort, than some low paying job at the mall. Even escorts who aren’t studying in a college can make six figures in their profession. When done rightly and lawfully, it’s just like the escorts are running their own business.

Escorting leads further into the sex business

A general thinking is that being an escort pushes a woman into pornography. This is simply an uneducated presumption. While a few escorts may be offered porn contracts, they don’t generally accept. As not all escorts engage in sexual relations with their customers, there are certainly some that are just companions.

Escorts are hopeless drug addicts

Thanks to the media, public commonly thinks escorts are hopeless drug abusers who escort only because they don’t love themselves. How absurd! Obviously, there are a few escorts like this that exist, however surely not all or even most of them. The truth of the matter is, many escorts are intelligent women who know how to make money and are good at it. Drugs often aren’t even in the picture.

Escorts spend most of their time dating

People often think escorts in London are all the time dating a variety of men. Truth be told, a large portion of their time goes towards building their brand, screening customers, and getting ready for dates. Most likely, escorts will just meet one or two customers a week.


The foremost thing to be kept in mind is that escorts are human. They’re not somebody to be disgraced because of their work. There is much more to their profession than engaging in sex with strangers for cash. Moreover, the internet has led to a higher caliber of escort women than there used to be. Escorting isn’t simply a way for disadvantaged persons to make a buck, the way men from dirty backgrounds deal drugs and pimp. The scene has changed drastically; escorts are highly educated, trained and sophisticated than ever. We hope this Article will be able to throw the true light on Escorts, the services they offer, and Escorting profession as a whole. To conclude, the escorting industry has transformed and present day escorts are not what they used to be, so public thinking about them should change.

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