Prague Tourist Guide: All About Sex and Escorts in Prague

Prague Sex Guide

In 1989, the Velvet Revolution created much more than just the separation of the two countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The revolution also, well, revolutionized the sex trade. Since 1989, protistitution and been a burgeoning industry, reaching all of the countries borders, but there is no where like Prague. The bright lights of the city illuminate far more than the luscious restaurants and amazing night clubs. Brothels, whorehouses, prostitutes, street hookers, red light districts, strip clubs, high end sex and  escorts in Prague abound. Prague has reached sexual nirvana and insists that you do as well. Here’s a quick breakdown of all of the adult delights this fine city has to offer.

sex and escorts in Prague

Sex and Escorts in Prague

There are almost two hundred different websites that offer thousands of women who will happily meet the needs of your sex holiday that you can book before you even leave your home. Escorts in Prague offer a variety of options and “menus” for the discerning sex tourist. They are classed very differently your standard prostitute. Escorts are considered much more high end and more appropriate company for events or a night on the town. Depending on the girl and the planned encounter, the price will vary. In calls, out calls, and different sexploits will all carve out a different price. But be prepared to play, because these girls are the epitome of professional.

Red Light Districts

The red light districts of Prague are not as clearly marked as they are in some other cities. This is of increasing benefit to the sex tourist because you’re not required to go find some shady back alley, as the red light districts are mostly situated within the touristy areas themselves. The clubs and Laufhaus are generally well kept and comfortable, offering services that range from stripteases, simple prostitution, and escorts in Prague. Prices will vary depending on what services you are looking to acquire. Ensure that you are very clear about which services you will be receiving before payment. Some ladies can smell a newb from a mile away and will try to take advantage of your innocence.

Street Hookers

Street hookers are quite a few rungs down from your average escorts in Prague. While there are still quite a few areas where you won’t have to look very hard to find a streetwalker, their population is on the decline. As the sex tourism business becomes ever more popular in Prague, the tactless and often unkempt allure of your standard hooker becomes less of a commodity. Because of their decreasing numbers, hooking has become almost synonymous with pickpocketing. It’s strongly advised that if you are in the market for a street hooker, you carry only as much cash and as many valuables on you as is necessary and have absolutely nothing on you that you would loathe to part with, including your dignity. Most of the sex work is relegated to nice brothels and escorts in Prague.

Live Sex Cams

If voyeurism is more your thing, there are a multitude of options available to you in Prague, including live sex cams as well as live sex shows. Some brothels and Laufhaus offer sex shows exclusively for viewing. The internet is also an excellent way to get in on the action without leaving the comfort of your hotel room. Depending on where you go, what you’d like to see, and how often you want to watch, prices will vary, however many places brothels, websites and escort on demand app will offer packages for multi viewings or prolonged sessions.

Strip Clubs

While it’s kind of rare to find clubs that are devoted wholly to the striptease experience, it’s not unheard of. Many strip clubs double as brothels, nightclubs, or bars. If you’re looking for striptease specific work, many escorts in Prague will come straight to your hotel room to put on a show for you or you and your friends. Prices again range depending on the experience you’re looking to achieve.

Prague is a virtual play land for anyone who considers themselves a sexual tourist. With the many options, attractive lounges and bars, and a woman (man, transvestite, drag queen, animal suit wielding lady boy…whatever) that will meet every single one of your fantastical wants and needs. Prague is a place for people to come together and experience and celebrate their sexuality. No shame in this game, no go out there and realize your dreams!

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